Xinyue fashion Ltd.has got the general public support and great kindness since being founded ,because of this Xinyue can keeping developing and expanding. For a long time , Xinyue has won a fond of extensive customer by means of reliable quality and good service , effectiveness has raised year by year , company scale has expanded for a long time.

 Global economy integration's opportunity coexists with challenge today, difficulty coexists with hope , only developing can exist , only being innovative can expand.

Xinyue fashion Ltd. will melt science and technology, resource and labour power capital, with spirits of enterprising and innovative, guiding of scientific management, congeal rationality of employee and merchant , help each other when in the same condition, persist in taking foreign trade as faucet, technological innovation and capital manage as the pair of wings , thoughts of diversification develop, continue making Xinyue bigger and stronger , start Xinyue new field.

My behalf of Xinyue people express my thanks to general public friends who support Xinyue developing!! And all walks of knowledgeable man is welcomed for presence and guidance, works together, creates resplendence together.